Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Ta da!... A small wonky giveaway....

Well, I couldn't believe it has been so long since I posted on here!!

I love my blog and although there isn't as much cake making posts on here, I do hope that you follow me on my journey with all my new adventures...

As some will know and if you take a look at my last post, I was due to have Bi-Lateral Jaw Joint Replacement Surgery.  I have now had this and it looks like there will be a long road to recovery.

I had my surgery on 20th November 2014. Turns out I didn't behave myself too well during surgery.  I bled heavily and they had trouble stopping it.  This then results in more facial damage afterwards apparently.  I have no movement what-so-ever on the left side of my face, forehead and only partial movement on the right.  I cannot blink/shut my eyes.  My face is still bruising and the eye sockets and forehead are really quite painful. Aside from the replacement itself!  I also have problems with my tongue. The top part is very dry, cannot taste or feel!  


Don't laugh....!!  he he

After... what a looker!

My scars have healed fairly well, thankfully, although to be honest it's not something  I have worried about.

After my check up with my Consultant back in January, not such good news.... He does think that by now something should have started to change facially.  My tongue he was quite sure will repair and come back, just a matter of time.  The forehead and left eye, well that's the sticking point.  He started to talk about eye-lid weights, cutting me here & there if I want after a period of about 12 months. I'm like NOOOOO way matey.  Let nature take it's course.  It may take some time but I am pretty convinced it will heal.

The eye is a real pain up the botty!  I am being referred to Moorefields eye hospital so that they can glue it shut for a few months, mainly to protect the cornea.  It is so painful and taping it shut doesn't do the trick.  I am due for my appt., in the next little while. Relief..! (This has taken ages to type...I need a magnifying glass to see the screen!)  Going out is a real obstacle and for the first time in my life I felt vulnerable on my own, as I can only see 'fog'.

Fingers crossed!!!....


In between all of that I have managed a few makes.  Not cupcakes...I have stopped doing that as I cannot see what I am doing lol

Not to bombard you with all my makes in one post, I will stagger them lol.  

I did want to share this with you though...

I made a 'Mustache / beard' hoop and noticed after I had finished the bottom beard is very slightly 'wonky' so I thought why not have a 

GIVEAWAY! - Now closed thank you.

All you need to do is leave a comment under here or pop along to my Facebook page and 'Like' my page.  The giveaway post is pinned to the top of the page.  You can like & leave a comment there if you prefer.

I will announce the winner on Friday 20th November @ approx 8pm UK time.

P&P is included worldwide.

Good luck!

Bye for now

Sue x

Saturday, 12 April 2014

It's been a while...I have missed you all....

Well the last time I looked it was November and here we are in April! 

Seems I took a longer break than anticipated.  

I have missed blogging and missed catching up on all of your blogs too.  

A quick round-up of what's been happening round here...

Went into Nottingham Hospital beginning of December for Arthroscopy (a fiddle about with my jaw) results not so good.  Turns out my joints on both sides of my weary face are severely damaged and the bones have fused together.  No other option but to have new ones. Which is good news but very scary.  Both sides will be replaced with these Titanium joints...

I am having a 'patch test' in May to see if I am allergic to the product first and then surgery will be 3-4 months after. (Takes that long to make them as they are bespoke and made in the USA) Should have had surgery in June but the waiting list for patch testing is unbelievably long, so probably looking August/September.

Anyhow,  aside from look like the bride of Frankenstein for a while it will fantastic to chew food again! Yey!

Have been feeling pretty rubbish to be honest and struggle to 'do' much.  Pain in my head /neck & jaw is sometimes too much.

I have tried to keep busy with a few makes...

These are for my Grandson's bedroom, having just had a pirate theme makeover.


There will be a third hoop that I am currently cross stitching from this pattern...

Captain Jack’s Pirate Ship

Tried my hand at had dying some Doilies...

The blue is much more vibrant than the photo shows.  I have also dyed them Olive Green and Grey too.  In fact I got a bit carried away and have pretty much dyed tons of the things....  what to do with them.....hmrph!

Do you remember the old flying ducks?  Hilda Ogden (going back some years) from Coronation Street had some on her wall.  
Well I have always liked the idea and so decided to 'do a version'..  I am really pleased with them and will be putting them up today.

I have hung this on the landing...

I made a pair of these.

For Christmas prezzies

 For my daughter on Mother's day

For my Mum

This can be purchased...here
This can be purchased...here

This can be purchased...here

 This can be purchased...here
This can be purchased...here

 This can be purchased...here
This can be purchased...here

This can be purchased...here

Retro Style Wooden Heart Hanging / Door Hanger Mustard and Grey
This can be purchased...here

I was super lucky to win a giveaway...

They are gorgeous...here is a link to Blackbird Alley's Etsy & Facebook page...

Beautiful earrings.  Had to fight off my daughter for these.  Give her shop a look.  Beautiful items.

Finally not so many cupcakes been made, but here are a few...

and to finish...

My girls.

Bye for now....Sue x

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

And into November we go...

All I can say is bah humbug to the fireworks!!

Not a problem on the 'actual day'  I'm not a party pooper!  but even last night the bombs were still going off.  If you own an animal you know how it affects the poor things.

Would you like to see Mya modelling  her fancy new jumper that my mum knitted?

What you didn't see was the battle I had when I initially put it on her.  There is a small hole near her leg - oops!  She was fine after a while and  when she went out after she appreciated it's warmth I can tell you!

Had to put this pic of her up too!  (Mad dog lady)

I do take pics of people too you know!!

My Grandson...

Yes he is holding a cable, patiently waiting for me to set up a Thomas the Tank thingy on the TV.  (Which I couldn't - so tears followed)  Whenever I take a photo of him he is always missing an item of clothing.  Normally his pants!

I have been sewing...

I'm in love with the little fella above.  He is part of an Woodland sampler I purchased  from

Love Love Love their patterns.  I have signed up for the Gingerbread Lane Sampler - haven't a clue what it will be.  It is sent out over 3 weeks and you don't know what it looks like until you get it.  You are thinking I must be mad buying it without knowing what I will be getting, but check out their other patterns and you will see why I am so excited!

Here is a sneak peek of what is to come...

Some more of my makes...

Some cupcakes for you to peruse...

I have finally got my appointment through to see a surgeon about  my Jaw problem.  I was referred back in May to Nottingham Hospital (I'm about 2 hours drive away) to see this particular Consultant as my usual chappie has done all he can for me.  I had to wait as this man was off work and only came back to work the end  October.  He is apparently one of the best so was recommended to wait for him.  I am going to be having my both of my Jaw Joints replaced.  Not a pleasant surgery but a necessary one.  Why is it though when you have to travel quite a distance you always end up with the earliest appointment ever!!  (not that I am complaining as I am grateful that things are moving forward).

I am also very excited to have been partnered up with Craftyfatcat for the Cracker swap I am taking part in.

So my seasonal cracker will soon be winging it's way across the sea's to South Africa.  I'm very excited!

Well I'm off to watch one of the many Christmas films I have recorded.  Pepsi and a tub of Ben & Jerrys (Baked Alaska) Ice cream - thank you very muchly...


Sue x