Tuesday, 5 February 2013

It's been a good week...

I have been very lucky on the 'giveaway front'...

For a long time now I have been a fan of


I am also a follower of their blog..  and entered their giveaway for 

Mr. Tiny Deer-Moose

and was extremely lucky to have won!

He arrived very quickly and soon found a home on my wall.

Isn't he gorgeous!  Super quality and I am so so pleased as I have been oggling all of the goodies in their Etsy store for ages.

Well worth checking out.  You won't be disappointed!

What do you think?...

I have also been busy knitting my square as mentioned here
I did make a couple of 'boobs' but on the whole I am pleased with the outcome.  Only another 89 to go!  I did give in and subscribe and received my first shipment (numbers 2-7) and am looking forward to getting started.

My nephew celebrated his 11th birthday on the 25th January and I made him these...

They ended up larger than I initially thought and would not fit into any boxes that I have so I had to improvise! 

Thankfully I got them there in one piece.  I did base them on some cupcakes that I had seen on Facebook and for the life of me I cannot remember whose page it was.  Which is a shame because she makes gorgeous cupcakes and is well worth a look.

I am going to have a sort out of my cake/cupcake moulds and will be listing some on Ebay if anyone is interested.  I will post details on here before they are listed.

I cross stitched him a card too...

I popped into my local Primark last week whilst out and about with my mum, daughter & grandson....and look what I managed to pick up!...

I love them and they were only £6 each!  bargain!  Really well made too.  Although Millie (the dog)  has taken rather a shine to the nose of the fox! 

I have just got back from picking up my new car, (well new to me).  Freedom again at last!

It's (or should I say 'she')  been round the clock but for running about locally should be fine.  I'm over the moon.

Have a great night...x


  1. So lucky, well done. Beautiful cupcakes, wish I had some .now with my evening hot chocolate. Car looks great, enjoy. I couldn't do without mine.

  2. The cupcakes look great and love the pillows.

  3. Lovely that you're mobile again, the car looks fab. Great cupcakes as always :) would be interested in what kind of moulds you'll be selling Sue xx

  4. Thanks for posting a pic of Mr Tiny!!! Sorry, I didn't see this until now. He looks sooooo cute on your wall and I'm glad that you love the little guy:) Thank you!!!